Crooked Crosses, Correspondants and Authors needed

Correspondent available for hire. Please make sure the location is fire proof.

I am known insome circles as Advocate, and am happy to attend salons and orphanages alike.

I’ve recently achieved a position as a Correspondent, and am happy to teach the children.

Hey, Tanith Wyrmwood is an Author! She would be happy to share the secrets that have enabled her to write five best-selling Gothic romances and a number of short stories of highly variable quality, to wit: get very drunk and write LOTS of racy passages!

EDIT: While Tanith stands by her method, she is no longer an Author.
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After of brief hiatus as a Glasswoman, I have returned to my career as a Correspondent. As stunning as I looked in Glasswoman spectacles, scribing the symbols of reality is my true calling. And so I am once again available to teach at Orphanages. Rumours that my last lesson resulted in the burning down of an entire neighbourhood are highly exaggerated.
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Feel free to contact me as well, should you ever need a Courier’s Footprint.

I am a Correspondent, and I’d be overjoyed to be of service.

I’m a Correspondant and would gladly science your orphans.

I am an author and would be happy to help out.

I am an author and I would like to take part in poetry declamation!

The Deacon of Lebbaeus is ever at the service of hapless orphans desirous of deepening their familiarity with the Correspondence; invitations will be promptly accepted barring acts of Gods or Masters.

Gideon Stormstrider is available for Correspondent activities, should you unwisely wish to give your cherished orphans more ways to start a fire.

I too am offering my services as a crooked cross for Salon purposes :)

Is now an Author and available to help :)

Jolanda Swan delights in telling fancy stories in Salons.

I’m a Correspondent and available for visits.

Not sure if you need any more attendants, and never participated in this sort of thing, but I’m an Author and I play daily. Will be pleased to assist.

The Deacon of Lebbeaus bristles at the label of &quotcrooked cross&quot but would be delighted all the same to appear at reputable salons. Topics include, but are not limited to, the concordance of discordant canons, the value of existential self-assertion in the face of crushing destiny, the ever-shifting standard of normalcy, and how to avoid clashing colors as spring unfolds.

Scarlet Bronte is an author willing to offer her services.

Lidenbrock is a Crooked Cross, looking to scandalize even the most austere of salons!
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