Cricket, anyone?

I know that it’s a faux pas to ask about Exceptional Stories, but I’m stuck and I don’t know how to advance in the story. I think I’ve tried everything, but the Benthic guy is stuck at 3 and I need to get it to 5.

Can anyone help me with this? If you want to send it by PM, that’s fine.

For the record, it’s not in any way a faux pas to ask for help with Exceptional Stories or to even extensively discuss them. Failbetter only ever asked the wikis not to post the text there as that would go against the point of purchasing them. You spent real money on the story so you are fully within your consumer’s rights to say whatever you want or need about the story.

Of course, I can’t answer your actually question since it’s been over a year since I that one was released and I played it. Sorry.
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Okay. Well, I’m stuck.

I don’t have the 1st sign (that you get from the Viennese thing from the tower). I’ve talked to everyone and I don’t have the option of getting it. I have the 2nd and the 3rd signs, but not the 1st, and the Benthic Xi is stuck at 3 with no way of advancing him.

I haven’t fully checked, but I do recall people getting a bit stuck/lost when it first came out and the answer was usually to go back to find further options in earlier locations. You might check the original thread:

It is not a faux pas, but it would be more effective to check on the old thread first, and more tidy to resurrect said thread instead of starting a new one.

Seriously? It’s mere days since someone was told off on here for – resurrecting an old thread, Make up your minds which way you want to nitpick, dudes,

Oops, I guess. But I swear it wasn’t me telling off that previous time. I exhume such threads myself when need arises, at least.