Crew shouldn't complain about supplies at port

I can understand why the crew might be concerned when we get down to our last box of supplies. But having to roll to avoid additional terror about said lack of food seems rather silly when you’re two locomotive-lengths away from the dock in New Winchester. The crew can see the port out the window, but are still worried they’ll somehow run out of food. (And yes, you’ll lose the terror if you get it when you enter that port, but not other ports, and if it causes condition to increase…)

Maybe the crew shouldn’t complain if you are within the general vicinity of a port (i.e. inside the area of features where the port lies) unless you completely run out of supplies, but then complain if you leave the port area without getting more supplies. For that one, could also get rid of the roll - if you leave without resupplying, you get terror no matter what because you’re kind of doing something stupid and your crew should be worried. Particularly whichever crew member has the most meat on his or her bones.

I’ll chime in by saying that being at port, not having fuel, supplies or money for either, and then having no other course of action but to leave the port feels… Jarring. No one would do that. If your locomotive is almost running on fumes and there’s no food left, you don’t shoot off into space. So far every time I’ve messed up enough to be in that situation it’s felt like the game forces me to commit suicide, when in reality the captain would 1) go into debt to secure more, or pawn something of his / one of the guns for money, or 2) resign to a life on this port.

Maybe a chance to pawn off stuff for less than market value, or loan money with increasing menaces if not paid back on time, and/or the option to retire at any port for a game-over of &quotwell at least you didn’t become a desiccated frozen corpse.&quot
edited by John Moose on 9/13/2017

give us the best sunless sea storylet back
the one where you trade your ship for a boat just to get to london when near london
please do that it was the best

i feel that the ports in general offer too few opportunities to get stuff.

Oh sure, many of them have shops, perhaps more than is necessary, but shops aside, there’s a lack of storylets in ports that do useful things.

I want to be able to pick apples and edible fungi, in port avon and hybras, in order to get supplies.
I’d like to be able to reduce terror by taking a walk around titania, or attending a festival in port prosper, or the circus at polmear and plenty’s.

These places and their storylets seem kind of…divorced from gameplay mechanics. When my crew are going mad with terror, and i attend a lively pantomime in port prosper, and choose to let loose and enjoy myself, why does it not affect terror?