Creepy Victorian Stuff

Creepy Victorian stuff:[li]

Warning: If you are easily creeped out don’t follow the link. If you are squeamish don’t follow the link. It’s not horrid or anything, but it is not for the faint of heart either.

St. Dunstan preserve us! Er…them.

… Actually, I might want to do that for my own funeral.

I know! Kinda tempting isn’t it?

I know, right? I mean, once your dead, you might as well let your friends and relatives have a little macabre fun with your remains, right?

Of course, I’m an organ donor, so there might not be much left, just a head and limbs, probably. Still, you can do a lot with those.

Just think of the shenanigans those Weekend at Bernie’s fellows could have gotten up to with a corpse stand with multiple points of articulation!