Creating new Quality Categories

How do I make qualities appear in my game as one of the nonstandard categories? (e.g. “Acquaintances,” item categories, etc.)

I’ve noticed this in a lot of storynexus games, but it’s not in the reference guide and I can’t find it on the forums. Any advice?

For Status qualities (the ones which appear on the left-hand or middle of the three tabs on the player’s sidebar), you can’t - you’re limited to the categories which appear on the Category drop-down when you’re editing them.

For Thing qualities (the ones which appear on the right-hand tab), you’re looking for something called Slots. It actually is in the manual, but probably hard to find if you’re not sure what you’re looking for. Find “Equippable Items” in the table of contents, and read onwards from there.


Thanks, on the item question. Are you sure about statuses, though? I’ve noticed that a few storynexus games that don’t seem to be Failbetter-run (e.g. Maelstrom) as well as some of the failbetter ones seem to have custom story categories. Is there something I’m still missing out on, or are these just options that are still experimental?


Abe: I think what you’re seeing are qualities that look like “Ally: The Burger King,” “Rank: Baron,” etc. – right? If so: it’s just creators dropping a colon in the middle of their quality names. Makes them look nice and official! :)

Alternatively: they’re using Circumstances with Quality Level Descriptions to control how they appear. StoryNexus drops a colon between quality names and QLDs. So: if I had a Rank quality, and one of the QLDs was Baron, it would output: “Rank: Baron.”
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Ah yes. Thanks Gordon!

Abe, if that’s not it, then give us a specific example and we’ll be able to tell you how it works. Probably ;-)


Okay, I found a specific example. In Maelstrom, I have qualities listed under the headers “Advantage” and “Reputation.” Is there a way I could get something like that in my game?

Ah ha! I suspect that’s (1) something Failbetter did especially for Maelstrom that will (2) be available when they release the custom UI tools. That said: you’ll want a response from Alexis/Lilyfox to be sure. :)

[color=#009900]I think that’s a leftover from the alpha days of SN, when we had some FL-specific categories showing up in the dropdown. [/color]
[color=#009900]They won’t be available when we release the custom tab tools… but arbitrary quality categories will arrive at some point. Social actions are looming on the horizon and blotting everything else out, though.[/color]

Good to know – thanks Alexis!

And what an exciting loom it is. :)