Creating a Roaring Twenties-like world

Hello everyone ! I discover StoryNexus platform recently and I’m very interesting in creating my own world.

It would be a fantasy world set in a period of time reminiscent of the Roaring Twenties. Your character would work for an organization called “The Society of Men of Bravery” which freely provides the services of voluntary detectives.

The problem is that English is not my native language and my stories wouldn’t be as well written in English as in my native language (French). I wonder if it is possible to create a world in another language ? And if so can we create an English version of this world ?

I don’t know if it’s the right place to ask that. Sorry if it isn’t.

Sees title I want a ‘flappers’ dress and a wide-brimmed hat, and I want to learn dance-able jazz tunes on piano,. =D

It’s totally possible and allowed to create stories in languages other than English. :) The StoryNexus tools are all in English, though.

Good luck with your world and I’m already looking forward to it, even if my French is atrocious hehe.

You wouldn’t be the only person on here using English as a second language (and mad respect to everyone in that club), so no fear. If you want tips on English writing, the community here is pretty good about writing critique. If you want to set it in French, I don’t think that’s a real problem. I’d offer to help translate if you need, but my French is as rusty as the underside of my car.

Aside from that, the Twenties sound like a great setting, especially in Paris maybe? Dancing and cards and smoky music halls!

Like Lily and Becks, I would absolutely LOVE to see a Jazz Age world (and detectives too)! It sounds fantastic!
I was born and lived as a small child in France (how could you tell…? :)) so if you wanted to create an English version of your world as well as the French, I would be willing to help you out if you like, as a catcher of ‘francophonisms’, maybe also translating - though I can almost feel large chunks of the language disappearing from my mind by the day from non-use, English is pretty much my first language now, and I have the French grammar abilities of a eight-year-old :/
For instance, one little thing is that in English, there is no space between the ends of words and marks like ! ? and ; they are just stuck straight next to the word!