Crashing on start up.

The game has suddenly begun crashing to desktop, usually I hear the rumbling start to the main theme after the Conrad epigraph and then it stops suddenly, still with a black screen, then goes straight back to desktop, I’ve played the game just fine after I installed Zubmariner and it worked fine, so it can’t be anything wrong with dlc installation. I’ve restarted and reinstalled and verified the files, nothing worked.

Sounds like a matter for

I sent a message to the Tech support before I made this thread, they didn’t respond after about a week, I sent another one a few days ago, unsure if this one will be ignored or not. Is their team spending all they’re time focusing on issues with Skies?

Yeah, there’s a lot going on with SSkies development, two new pieces of FL content, Hallowmas in a week, and a new Exceptional Story as well. They’ve got their hands full so tech support for SSea is going to be slow, I’m afraid.

I have the same issue and it’s maddening.

I’ve sent out a bug report a month ago and haven’t heard a peep. If this goes on much longer I’m going to try to get a refund.

Your bug report, or Failbetter’s reply, may have been lost in the mail, so to speak. Did you receive an acknowledgement when you submitted it? Have you checked your spam folders, or tried resubmitting - perhaps from another address?

Nothing caught in spam, I do have an acknowledgement, and a ticket number that was automatically assigned when I sent the email.

Even some contact from them to remain patient would be appreciated. This is how you lose business.

As an update, me raising hell here appears to have gotten their attention

I have actually just received some tech support and I got my issue fixed quickly.