Crashing at sea

Well, freezing actually. You know those story pop-ups from officers that turn up now and again while at sea, in the bottom left corner of the screen? The game freezes whenever I click on them.

This has happened thus far with the Irrepressible Cannoneer and the Presbyterate Adventuress,

Pop-ups involving dreams and random crew members going mad seem to work just fine though :(

As a side note, I had to recover my forum password via email, and since then I’ve been getting an email from Failbetter exactly every half hour, alerting me to this fact. My spam filter automatically started deleting them after the 50th spam email. What the heck, guys?!
edited by Thusnelda on 9/28/2016

This has happened to me as well but with the Bandaged Poissonnier. Best thing to do is to send a bug report.

With the forums issue, the forum software is unfortunately 1) a bit buggy and 2) not made by Failbetter so they can’t just patch any emerging issues. Hopefully they’ll switch software someday…

This one just got me twice also. It was the cannoneer both times.
Submitted a bug report. Luckily didn’t lose too much or I would have wigged the eff out!

[color=#3399CC]This issue should now be fixed, if you experience anything similar again please do report it at →[/color]

Yeah, I was having that same problem - it seems to be fixed now.

However, there’s still a small bug with it; it doesn’t go away after you click it once, so you can keep clicking it and closing it for 2-5 fragments each time. Not exactly gamebreaking, but I doubt it was intentional, either.

Soooo did you report it? :P