CPs now always visible?

Is it just me, or are CPs of a changed quality now always visible, even when the quality changed levels?
I.e. I just robbed a drunk rat, and the where previously I would see that my Someone is Coming dropped below 5, it now shows that it dropped to 4, with 1 cp remaining.
This is a welcome change!

Would be a nice change, if not for the fact that qualities appear to decrease/increase when switching levels up/down. Was REALLY confused the first time (and every other time) I saw that.

Also: the fact the level of the quality changed is now not shown anywhere at all.
edited by Balefire Phoenix on 9/25/2015

Oh god, so it’s not just me. When I saw my Nightmares INCREASING a few hours back, I finally knew how the Amanuensis feels sometimes. (&quotHe blinks like a limelit toad&quot.)
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Just noticed this while grinding Thefts of a Particular Character today. It doesn’t seem to display exact CP for increases, but it’s still a cool change.

It seems as if the javascript animation is reversed in some cases? It’s animating up instead of down, etc.

Yeah, I get that too sometimes. I think the issue is related to the CP displayed for stats on the sidebar sometimes being incorrect, so it’s causing a problem when trying to render the change client-side.

FBG, you might wanna reverse this update…

I’ll also admit it’s a little bugged and confusing at the moment. Also, does it only show CP when the quality drops below a level, but not rises above a level?

That certainly seems to be the case. But when using CPs to pay for actions, that’s also when it’s most important to know how much is left to spend before the quality goes down below the requirements for certain actions.

Agreed, this is bugged. For me, when Serenity of the Plaster Face and a few other qualities drop, they don’t say “___ has dropped to 5!” The bar just shows the reverse progress. And the animation goes the wrong way too, as if the CP were rising.

[color=#e53e00] Hello delicious creatures. Thanks for the above - I think they should all be fixed now. Still - if you spot anything else broken-looking with the quality changes, or I’m wrong about the fixes, can you send in a support ticket? It makes it a lot easier to find out what’s going on, and whether something’s a new issue or not.


support@failbettergames.com [/color]