Covid-19: are you playing FL more or less?

I’ve lost almost every bit of Notability I had on my accounts during recent weeks. Hardly any time to play, and when there is time I often feel too drained to concentrate on the game. So this question occurred to me. Obviously, in the current situation some people suddenly have a lot of time on their hands, while others are constantly under stress. I’m interested in seeing how the pandemic affects FL players.

I’ve got somewhat more time to play Fallen London. I’ve even made a FOURTH character.

I’m playing a lot more now. Of course action limits stop some of it, but these days the only time I hit the action cap is when I go to bed for the night. I’ve even considered making the Nemesis and Bag A Legend alts I’ve been planning, but I think it would be best to wait until the Adrift Vaquero is a POSI. I’ve also been playing a lot more Exceptional Stories, since I don’t like playing those on my phone between classes.

its kind of paradoxical because before I was getting fl in every free second I had, but now I cant really bring myself to muster up the energy, its weird

Less, although that’s mostly because I’m waiting for that darned bat to show it’s face and I’m starting to lose interest somewhat.

Much, much less, to the point I need to go back to that Ball to properly apologize for my absence. It has been tough, in my country. Los of jobs canceled, other cropping up, today they have just announced the closing of the borders…it has been exhausting, really.

My university is still suspended. Even if the epidemic situation has begun to improve in my country, but because of the high risk of virus infection in the university, I will probably stay at home for one to two quarantine periods.
The school has tried online education, but the effect is not good. Because the teacher was not used to this method, and the software used was flawed, they ended the online education.
So I have more free time than before.
Currently my game character lives in arbor in preparation for the upcoming “Heart’s Desire!”. But I am still worried about the epidemic in Britain, and I can only pray silently for them.

I’ve always had plenty of free time so it hasn’t affected my playtime of Fallen London too much, but it’s resulted in me posting more on the message boards due to too much time caused by the epidemic.

My work-from-home situation has been sparse for some time, so my habits for playing FL have not been much affected.

I can muster the energy to play but I have no patience for impediments. The new map exhausted me; having, say, to rely on RNG and fail would likely do me in. Notability predictably took a hit. But I am always fine with responding to rp messages and social actions.

Personally, my interest for the game flows in and out. Someone else had been back to it due to COVID, and I started playing again because of them. The new end-game content such as the railroad are helping to keep my interest this time, and I’ve been playing quite a bit of late.
edited by polygonetwo on 6/10/2021