Court vs University

I have a question that is what it says on top. I want to becime a POSI. I am at court and the University. I am not sure wherther to do the Uni, because I like the activities at term passing 5. I want to do the court, but if it isn’t worth speedrunning through, I won’t. I am not equipped to finish fighting and a lot of worj to do. The cheesemonger is also out due to the cruel RNG. (WHY does shadowy have to be auch a hard story. Most punishing failure state, way to POSI requires cards as the only one…) So which to finish without buying Fate?[li][/li][li]
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Having finished the University story with the, er, more punishing of the two endings, and recently earned the Extraordinary Mind reputation, I feel confident in saying that getting expelled from the University isn’t all that bad. You have to do plenty of work out at zee to regain entrance, and several options are gone after you do, but the important opportunities, like using plaques to level up you Scholar of the Correspondence quality, are still available. I don’t remember what the rewards of Term Passing are, but I can say I haven’t missed them. XD I’m sure someone who’s been banished from the Court can give you more details on what that entails.

IIRC Terms passing allows you to grind your hedonist up to 12(or was it 15?), so if you want to do that you may want to keep it, but there isn’t that much to it other than fun text(though I don’t remember the place much)

The court on the other hand, you DON’T want to speedrun, it has 6 unique items that you can miss if you aren’t careful and it allows you to get your Scholar of the Correspondence quality to 10, which if you don’t have at that much, well, getting it that high up will become extremely annoying, it’s also a pretty long story so it will take a while even to speedrun, so just go for the university or wait for the cards to finish the shadowy storyline.

The easy hedonist boost is the main reason to stay at the University. There are a finite number of ways to get it to 12 and it’s by far the easiest. IIRC there’s some decent connections grinds at the university too for some of the harder factions (church and hell, iirc), but those aren’t super important.

Definitely stay at the court, though.

I’m currently at court writing splendid works (!) and was not aware of special items. Can you tell me what they are?

You get a copy of your work whenever you write a novel or a poem in the court. The poems are an Epic Cycle, a Tragedy of Romance, and an Allegorical Satire. The novels are a Gothic Romance, a Tale of the Future, and a Patriotic Adventure.

I’m currently at court writing splendid works (!) and was not aware of special items. Can you tell me what they are?[/quote]
Each novel/poem is a special item. It’s more of a novelty/vanity/completionism thing, since they don’t do anything (besides let you join God’s Editors more easily, but you only need one for that).

The main thing about the University is that &quotInvestigations at the University&quot is the best way to raise your Watchful, I honestly wouldn’t leave until your Watchful is 200. Also, personally, I thought Term Passing was just a lot of fun even if the rewards weren’t anything special. Being a completely useless professor is one of my fondest memories in FL, and I wish there was a way to get that back after your reputation was restored.

Thanks. Yes, I see, and indeed the bookshelf has had to be supported by a squad of rats employed for the purpose. With a hungry mog to keep them on point. Or refresh the ranks as required.
Thank you!

Getting banished from the court prematurely is my #1 regret with my main especially because, unlike with the university, there’s no way of getting back in for the foreseeable future

Ditto. I only partially understood the court lockout when it happened to me, and did not know about the number of collectible items I would locked out of nor that I would permanently be locked out of the court itself with no way of return. I had hoped that later actions would allow me back in, but alas, not even becoming a &quotLegacy established&quot over the unterzee has made me fit in the eyes of some to return. I really wish/hope failbetter creates a story-let that allows us to return to the court after completing the rest of the storyline.

What collectible items are you guys talking about? Are they the various copies of the books you can write while there or are there some other items I’m not aware of? I only ask because I’m nearing the end of the Court storyline myself and would hate to miss out on anything.

Just the books and poems you write.

Also the romantic memento thing, if you want to keep one.
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Yes. Some of those can be used later on in the game, while others are just for show. Either way I feel a paining sense of loss by missing out on some of them, as once you get banished from the court there is no way to get them again.

My recommendation for the OP: don’t rush through any of the stories or areas.

You’ll be done with them faster than you can blink. The game is a progression, your stats will go up. Stay at the University and Court until you really want to move on; if you’re not sure, go do Dangerous or Shadowy things for a while.

There’s no magic once you join the PoSI club. Also, PoSI is when the different stats start intermixing the most - you’ll go to an area and find it has high-level Persuasive and Shadowy challenges, for example, or high-level Dangerous and Watchful challenges. So if your stats are imbalanced, you’re going to be frustrated and have to go through and improve your weaker stats anyway.

Ah, this is gutting reading. I thought I’d taken a while doing both, but I can see now I’ve missed things, especially in the university. I LOVED the uni but went through the story to being kicked out way too quickly. I’ve re-established my reputation but there’s nothing useful for me there at the moment :/ Maybe for my alt when he gets that far…

Rysiek, some explanations:
Getting kicked out of the University or the Court is by no means necessary, in your quest to become a POSI. I became a POSI first, completed the university second and I have never been kicked out of Court.

Regarding the university: you can investigate the murders and in the end of your investigations, you can decide if you want to tell the truth and get kicked out, or if you want the blame to fall on the wrong person and keep your position. If you get kicked out, you can go on to a scientific expedition in the sea - it is a lot of fun - and be accepted in the university once again. However your department has been shut down, so you have very few things to do there. It did not bother me: Jolanda would never blame an innocent and game-wise, there are better carousels than that.
Finishing the murder investigations and undertaking the scientific expedition is required ONLY if you want access to the Flute Street. This is a fate-locked piece of content. It might interest you if you like rubberies, or if you have the (also Fate-Locked) Empyrean Redolence formula, in order to get a bifurcated owl.

The Court is a different matter. As long as you stay there you get to write novels, poems, symphonies - a rather profitable cycle. You can also use it to grind honey and making waves in The Life of the Mind - a useful thing to have when you are a POSI and in need of Notability. If you choose to get kicked out, you get access to the foreign office. I have no personal experience of that, but I understand it is not unmissable.

Take your time through the stories you like, and remember that items also boost your stats as you only need ONE stat to be above 100 every time the blond lady visits. I had base persuasive abive 100, but everything else was below that. I just switched equipment around.
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