Could the Bazaar have an Appraiser store as well?

Somewhere right under &quotSell My Things&quot, or conversely, at the very end, or even next to Merrigan’s Exchange. A store that lets you also sell your things, for the exact same value as &quotSell My Things&quot does… but with two differences.

First, it doesn’t list anything that can be bought in your other stores. So it ignores all the fancy clothing and expensive pets and stuff, focusing solely on trade goods (except, that is, you own more than one of a thing)

Second, and more importantly, it sorts items not by value, ascending, but descending, by total value. So that insanely huge stack you have of 10p items will come up earlier than that one fairly expensive item you have one of. Basically, a &quotwhat can I sell to get the biggest infusion of echoes right now&quot store.

Er. Please?

You need to make sure the players know this is just an alternative way to sell things, though. Otherwise they see this weird shop lumped in and not realize they are selling their own goods until it is too late.

Might be less confusing to just have sort controls at the top of the “Sell My Things” section of the Bazaar. Just being able to sort by descending total value would probably give you everything you want, even without filtering out wearables. (Which could be a separate control, but seems much more of a limited use case.)