Could anybody spare a sapphire?

Hello all - I don’t usually like to do this, but I’m one sapphire short of a bejewelled cane, and all the paths that would ordinarily take me to sapphires are out of my reach at this point in the game.

Would some kind soul with a profusion of gems care to help out? I’ll be indebted. Well, to a certain degree. Thank you!

The Alleys of Spite (Pickpocket’s Promenade) are not out of your reach. Unless you have the card saved in your hand that’s your best bet. Though somebody will probably throw one at you sooner rather than later. People here are nice. :) But if you wanted to take matters into your own hand that’s the way to do it.

Ah! I thought Pickpocket’s Promenade was another ‘area’ to be opened on the map; looks like I’ve been overlooking it all this time! Thankfully, Calm sent me a care package (thank you Calm!). But thank you!