Correspondence and Wordplay

If the Correspondence could be described as Exploding Runes: the Language, could one wea-pun-ize it with a razor wit?

I’m so sorry that this is my first post, but the joke compelled me.

What a silly idea… You’d have to be Correspon-dense to even try…

But it’d be such a blast to see what would happen!

Puns? Please. This kind of humour is gonna make me scholar-ic.

But it’s its own re-word. Make a pun, punch it in, and see what falls out!

Ask your parabolean punther. Personally, I believe you need razor wit to avoid coexplodence.

I think if you try this you may be lacre-ing in good Judgments.

The outcome could be violant (and if not, it’s probably a fluke)
edited by WormApotheote on 1/23/2015

But better to know than to be irrigo-ant, right?