Core Mystery Tips/Guidance

Let me start by saying I do NOT want spoilers just some nudges in the right direction. I’ve played through Mask of the Rose quite a few times now, and I feel like I know the who and the how but have been completely stymied by the why. I am equally unable to find the right person/people to ask about the motive. I keep banging my head against a wall every play through because as much as I believe it would probably be easier to follow a different path, I prefer to do things the “right” way (from a modern, non-Neath, point of view).

Is there anyone around who has solved the core mystery who might be able to either give me some pointers/guidance on how to get the why nailed down and/or confirm if I do or do not have the correct who and how (I’m seriously hoping it’s not a “there are multiple correct answers” kind of thing, as the details don’t shift enough for that to make sense to me).

If you don’t want to be super careful in your wording to avoid spoilers, private messages are encouraged.

It’s a complex little mystery, but I can give you some nudges toward good sources of information.
If you think you know who did it but you’re not sure how, Ferret and Rachel can both give some relevant facts.
Ivy’s always a good source for information, though it may cost a few pennies. If you present her with the right suspect, she might help you find the right motive, even if she doesn’t fully understand it herself.
If you think the murderer may have had an accomplice, David and Rachel can both help fill in some of the missing pieces. They may have to trust you well before they share all they know.
There are likely other good sources I haven’t encountered, but those are the ones I’ve found reliable!


Very, very much appreciated! I had set the game to the side because of the frustration. Now with some leads, I’ll give it another go. It’s a great game, but when I wasn’t making any progress (and couldn’t convince myself to try another path), it was hard to keep going on.

Yeah, that’s not unusual. I think the devs didn’t quite account for how much people would try to fixate on solving the core mystery at the expense of doing everything else, and there were a lot of negative and frustrated reviews. They’ve made it better by just extending the time (the last update DOUBLED the number of days you have, AND made a few actions not take time) so it’s easier to make progress in the time you have.

For what its worth, I get the impression that “fully solving the mystery” is one of the harder endings to get.

Yes, those changes were definitely welcome (went from feeling completely futile to HARD but maybe possible). I also FULLY acknowledge that the other options are probably much easier. But I definitely am fixated… and though I’ve started new playthroughs INTENDING to try another option, I keep ending up focusing on the mystery. Maybe I’ll force myself to take another path, but I haven’t managed so far.

Feel free to message me if you want any more specific pointers!

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