Convince Me

The election is winding down. Professor Kan has been busy, making speeches, possibly misplacing certain leaflets, and is indeed one of London’s most formidable Campaigners. Hundreds of citizens, swayed by his words, are ready to vote for his candidate of choice.

Except… he hasn’t chosen a candidate. He is very much anti-Virginia (they do not have the best of histories), but he still sits on the fence, uncertain of both Mrs. Plenty and Madam Shoshana. Sniffing this, some of London’s busiest citizens have been stopping by, or sending notes with little nothings attached, or otherwise attempting to sway the swayer. (Let us not speak of the unfortunate who attempted a more direct pressure. The Constables have closed that case.)

And so, I offer the chance to you. Convince me which candidate the good Professor should support. Argue for the good of London. Argue for the ill of Virginia. Give me whatever reasons you like to convince him to make a last-minute pledge to your candidate. The only rule is to focus on your candidate’s strengths, not the others’ weaknesses. He already knows all of those. Tonight (or perhaps very, very early tomorrow) he will make his decision. There will probably be a speech involved, or maybe an editorial.

The lists are open.

Oh, I will bite.
Jolanda Swan is supporting Shoshana. Reluctantly at first, as the scatterbrained Carnival persona wasn’t much to her taste. But the more she researched, the more she discovered. Shoshana can actually see the Past and the Future. She can accurately pinpoint the causes of the coming catastrophe, and she has even identified two possible solutions. One has even been known to work in the past. This is already better that what other candidates have done for the future of the city.
Even if she fails in her attempts though, she will be best suited to be mayor for other reasons: she is benevolent; she tries to bring comfort to the everyday people of London who have suffered losses. Most importantly, she has connections with Sinning Jenny, the Duchess, and several society members who can help her run things behind the scenes. I doubt she would fail to listen to them.

To be a bit more selfish though - Shoshana is bound to be exciting. Her kind of deeds are usually hidden behind mirrors and smoke, roses and silk. Parting the shroud even for a bit and peering inside - that will be worth it!

Who would you pick if you were going into combat, with banners flying and galloping hooves striking sparks off the cobblestones? Virginia.

Who would you pick you were running a business, seeking profit and a rising tide that will lift every boat (while perhaps drowning a few unfortunates)? Mrs. Plenty.

But we do not have the luxury of a line of battle or a chain of command. The dangers we face cannot be resisted by force of arms or force of will; they must be evaded. And for that we do not need a heroine or a businesswoman–we need something more. We need a shepherd who can pick out a path through the treacherous hills for her flock. A pilot capable of plumbing the depths of the future to guide this ship of state through the terror that is to come. A Dreamer who knows that dreams can be made real, are real already, are perhaps the only things that will be real in time.

They say she does not have a plan. What use are plans at the end of the world? She can divine the nature of the threats we face and the paths that will allow us–perhaps only some of us–to avoid them. Further, she has the faith of the leading lights of London, who have tested her prophecies and found them valuable. Finally, in an election season with two candidates who have remarkably stained characters (and other elements), the worst anyone has been able to say about Madame Shoshana is that she cheats at cards. She is not only capable of saving London, she is the only candidate who we have reason to believe would use her role to do so.

Personally I can’t give a reasonable defense of my pick, because I picked Mrs Plenty on the grounds that she seemed to be planning something extremely sinister behind the veneer of ‘Let nothing happen at all for a year!’, and that sounds fasinating to me. Especially the idea of restoring something long isolated on Mutton Island back to London proper. Sounds like a fun time for all I would say!

Also Miriam is the person my character would much rather have to deal with - Shoshana is a shroud to her glass, and not a big fan of her before that either, and Calliope is not so arrogant as to assume she can sucessfully manipulate a Devil to her liking.
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The Bishop would urge you to support Madame Shoshana. When the election started, he was torn between Virginia and Mrs. Plenty. As the election went on, and the more he learned about the Madame, he could not help but be swayed to support her. Out of the three, she seems to be genuinely nice and kind, and truly has the best wish for London at the heart of her campaign. Though in the first election he did not vote for Sinning Jenny, the Bishop has developed a great deal of respect and fondness for her. That she seeks out Shoshana’s advice and readings only increases his support for the Madame.
Though her plans to save London seem vague, they have to be to avoid as much direct interference from the Masters. She primarily seems to desire to increase Love in the city. Though most of the Masters of the Bazaar seem ready to move on, their employer could easily be swayed to stay if it believes the right love story could still be found. As much as they hate the employer, they will be unable to move on without its permission. The secondary plan of her seems to revolve around following the Rosers to the other side of the mirrors. This plan is mainly seen through reading the Madame’s own tarot cards.

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AS to ::
Madame Shoshana, babbling about Love being the key without giving any further details as to how she will increase Love in Fallen London

i’ve posted to these threads about my “collaborating” with mme Shoshana - esp. – via her “Romantic Predictions” - which serve to raise my Fascination quality - to as much as 20, before … This quality represents one’s attraction to an interested partner for passion … She uses her Tarot for these mesmericly justified ‘Romantic Predictions’ - except for ‘Rare Successes’, which appear in her crystal ball . . . NOW, she has gifted the city with pervasive subtlety of Tarot-deck-gloves . . . Future Lessons / Cards MAY teach the public this tantric trick, yet.

So, basicly, madame can guarantee one will succeed at matters of Amour - and may be about to share how, with all of London!

(am ubderslept - pardon sloppy style, pls)
Also - please see my use of the tarot - as linked to my journal notes - in the Threads for Election items, and for Shoshana debate - and in the one on all candidates before it . . . In which i throw my first tarot reading for the ccurrent mayor & have him say a justification for the cards enhancing qualities - as well as the “Shepardess” interpretation … ((too tired, ack seizing, or i’d link it here, sorry …Ouch…))

Drazzle Psmyth for the Shy Sphynx
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You know what ended up selling me on Shoshana’s campaign? That when people mock her, it hurts her feelings. She doesn’t start a fight, or laugh it off, or integrate it into her campaign - she goes and hides and feels bad. That, to me, speaks of someone who’s running despite the attention it brings, not because of it - who’s running because she believes it’s the right thing to do.

Next to someone who wants me to do jumping-jacks to make my soul burn hotter and someone who thinks there should just be less politics, candidate who doesn’t particularly enjoy running for mayor and isn’t completely clear what they’d do if they were but thinks it’s necessary for the public good to try… well, I’m inclined to give them a chance.

. . . BTW :: His Amused Lordship is managing Mrs Plenty’s campaign.

This must MEAN SomeThing !! (H.A.L. is member of the D*lmun Club - etc -) . . . Any Ideas, vis-a-vis Plenty’s “Mutton Chops” and Rubbery Lumps - etc - ???

thanx - Drazz’ Psmyth - (and his incipient migrane) For Mme Sho’nuff !

[quote=Diptych]You know what ended up selling me on Shoshana’s campaign? That when people mock her, it hurts her feelings. She doesn’t start a fight, or laugh it off, or integrate it into her campaign - she goes and hides and feels bad. That, to me, speaks of someone who’s running despite the attention it brings, not because of it - who’s running because she believes it’s the right thing to do.[/quote]Agreed. This was definitely the moment that sold me on Shoshana as a character (as well as her second-week supporter-only choice). She’s such a wonderfully written character.

(It’s unfortunately not enough to overcome my immense reservations about her campaign and her platform, but I’ve definitely gained a new appreciation for her.)

The editorial appears, in one form or another, in three London papers. It begins with a short, incisive reminder of letting a dangerous and self-centered murderess anywhere near the levers of power–nor abusive nor bitter, but pointed as a stiletto. Then the article moves on to Mrs. Plenty. It praises peace, and urges all of London’s leaders to work toward it. It also acknowledges Miriam’s long years of managerial abilities, her ability in a crisis, and (without going into details) her extensive knowledge of the Neath and her commendable self-control. However, it asks two pointed questions: Is Mrs. Plenty capable of giving London a quiet year, and at a cost the city is able to pay? Can she defeat the other candidates, without which the rest of the argument is obviated? In its final section, the author turns to Mme Shoshana. It is curiously light on her campaign platforms, and even openly questions her ability to avert any doom hanging over our heads. However, it does point out the need for long-term planning, the importance of carving a future out for London here, a destiny beyond providing Sixth City auctioneers with fascinating antiques. Most importantly, however, it focuses on Shoshana’s character. Mrs. Plenty has been accused (accurately or not, we don’t know) of ulterior motives, and few even among Virginia’s supporters believe that she truly has London’s best interests at heart. Mme Shoshana, however, is a woman motivated by impersonal civic duty, with nothing to gain and much to lose by taking the office, and has already run considerable risk by running against her employer. Even if her predictions be wrong, even if her profession be smoke and mirrors, still she is at least to be trusted in putting the city’s good above her own. Also, she may be the best chance at defeating Virginia.

The Contrarian, having acquired by mayoral privilege an advance copy of the editorial, praised and rebutted the editorial in all three papers. Madam Shoshana sent a simply written but floridly signed note of thanks. Virginia sent a box of poisoned bonbons.

Sian put down the paper with a sigh. &quotI’ll be paying on that for some time, I’m afraid.&quot Ondine arched an eyebrow, as she does when someone states the obvious.

&quotNot that I’d mind,&quot he continued, &quotif I were only sure I’d made the right choice.&quot

&quotAh.&quot Ondine put down her book. &quotStill worried about that, then?&quot

&quotThere comes a time,&quot said a clipped, proper voice behind him, &quotwhen a man must choose his course. It is best, when he does, that he leave his doubts on shore.&quot It was his butler, quietly refilling the teacup.

The Professor smiled. He was right, of course, though that didn’t make the task easier. Right now, however, he would concentrate on a lovely cup of tea.

Despite all cautions, his ward Landy tried a bonbon. Long before the cramps subsided, one of Landy’s old rookery mates was passing them out at a Virginia rally.
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