Continuous Music

Hello and Congratz on the launch! I just bought the game and loving it so far.

If I would suggest one improvement with the game it is to add an option of continuous music. I’m a guy that likes to take my time reading everything and as each port/region have it’s own theme music I find myself undocking and docking over and over again just to hear the wonderful music when I read. The music adds so much to the reading experience.

Please consider it.

Seconded. Sometimes I take short breaks from the game and leave it running in the background and it’s disappointing to get back to silence.

If I could like that message ten time I’d do it. The music of this game is too good to be heard only one time when arriving in ports. We tend to spend a lot of time reading in ports and most of the time it is in dead silence (well, there are background sounds but that simply isn’t the same).

In my opinion the biggest aesthetic issue with both SS games. Forthed

I agree, I actually made a list of sunless sea music that I play while reading in sunless skies. Alt-tabbing like crazy but it works.
Would like to see an option for more ingame music tho. Pleaseee?