Continuing the Watchful tracker

Hi everyone,
I just finished the Clay Man Erris case. Is there a way to continue now, since the Waxwork case or whatever isn’t available?
If not, how do I get a London Street Sign to go to the Forgotten Quarter? I just got Watchful 57 after this case was completed.

For sale in the bazaar, 5 quid. Er, Echoes, that is.

– Mal

There are ways to acquire one (such as gift boxes and the like) but more directly, you can buy one from Merrigans Exchange at the Bazaar for the low, low price of five echoes.

If you have the route to the Flit, The Ways of the Flit card has an option that grants a sign on success. A few rare successes on upconverting items may also provide them, such as converting lamplighter beeswax.