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I’ve always used one of the social networks for my FL access. Is this not possible for the beta? Will I need to add an email to my FL account, so that the game recognizes the connection?[li]

I’m in a similarish situation - my main uses a twitter login. I do have another FL account on my email address, so I’m using it for Sunless Sea, for now. If and when there’s special FL content that I’d prefer to have on the main account, it’ll probably be done by secret code, and thus easily applied to your main account. That is, if you create a sub-account for sunless sea. Meaning that you will then have a main account …
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I don’t seem to be getting a prompt to log in at all? Is information about my person so pervasive that the game /already knows/?
Or is this some sort of bug?
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OR! the game simply thinks my internet does not exist and now it does. I am having some &quottalking to the server&quot issues however…[li]
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Yeah, you gotta add your email.

  1. Log into Fallen London with twitter/facebook
  2. Hover over account on top right
  3. Select Edit Your Account
  4. Select Link email to this account under Authentication method

I, too, am wondering about this, as my one and only Fallen London account is on my twitter… and I neglected to link my email in before using my email in Sunless Sea… Oh well. Guess I now have a FL alt… Oops. Found the delete account function. Time to link everything properly…
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I was lucky enough to have added my e-mail a while back for some reason.

Question: when checking for new content in the game, after logging into my fallen london account, I get a request to enter an activation code. However, I have no idea what to enter here

Is this a bug, or are I missing something?

You should’ve gotten the activation code in the e-mail. :)

thank you, I found it.
Clearly, I fail at comprehensive reading…

When were we supposed to have gotten this code? I’ve received nothing so far.

[color=#009900]Xhavius - beta backers got an email with an access code. If you’ve just downloaded the Early Access version, you’ll find it on your Humble Bundle download page.[/color]

Sorry to bother everybody with the details of my incompetence, but: I got the code for FL content (thank you!) from the Sunless Sea kickstarter, and I do not know what to do with it…[li]
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It will be used when you download new content for the first time - after you’ve either logged into Fallen London or registered for a new account

I kind of hoped it would be used to unlock something in Fallen London.

The name “Fallen London Access Code” was a bit misleading. ;)