Content Update?

Any word on the ETA of the next content update? I realize Failbetter has kinda gotten swamped by the Steam success, just curious.

I feel really bad for anyone who’s been sent a kitten or drawn the Navigator card in the last week or so :(

Well on the steam page, it says the next update is dated “late July” so it’s still to early to fall into despair.
It should laso be a pretty big update, so it’s better if they take their time.

Content updates are different from new builds. I’ve been waiting to download new stories.

I hope there’s something new soon. bounces impatiently

[color=#009900]It’ll be soon, folks - I’m working on it. I was hoping to get it out before the weekend, but it may now be next week. Sorry - I’ve spent lots of time doing less exciting things this week.[/color]

Unacceptable! I demand fresh entertainment at once!

(Have a nice weekend, Alexis.)

Cursed less exciting things, always keeping everyone from doing things that are actually interesting.

I look forward to the content update whenever you are able to make it live. Like it or not, sometimes less exciting things are important.

Bring it on! My crew and I are champing at the proverbial bit; we find the challenges of the near-Zee to be beneath us and yearn for excitement…[spoiler][/spolier]

Whats that mascot you have on the far left? I haven’t seen that one before.

Parabolan Panther - the Kickstarter backer reward

The new content has arrived, I love it so far. Now to see if I can actually find all the things for the Curator.

Is everything working all right for you when you visit the Curator? The moment I head up to his place, all tabs gray out and become unresponsive.

It did it to me as well. Just click on the get help button and then the get started - tabs will be active again. But it is a bug and hopefully it will get squashed soon.

It happened to me, but not the first time I visited, and after I restarted it didn’t happen again.

Can anyone help a lost zee captain? I am not sure how to update to the latest content patch. I originally downloaded the game through a humble bundle link. Many thanks!

Main menu: “Get new stories”.

If that option is not available, you will need to redownload from humble bundle. If you lost your key, a way to find it was posted somewhere in the forums, but searching on google I believe will work as well.

I have bought the game via Steam. It SHOULD update automatically, but I have spotty Internet access and I’m not sure if it did.
Is there a way to check? There is a New Stories Available button, but it seems to concern Fallen London, not Sunless Sea.