Contained Multiplayer

[li]Recently I’ve been talking to my friend about how Sunless Sea is including real-time combat. This takes out a lot of the waiting that the old system brought and we both agree that, if at all possible, a contained multiplayer or co-op would make this game so wonderful. Nothing huge with hundreds of people, but something to accommodate small groups to allow for the grim loneliness the Unterzee brings. I could see it now! Escorting a trade ship from one port to another, exploring places best left forgotten, watching helplessly as your friends are sunk by a lifeberg, and, perhaps most controversially, going NORTH.
[li]I know this would require more than basic work to include, but my friend and I thought it would be awesome to be able to zail alongside friends as we inevitably dine on our crew.

I would say only if the mode was optional and that it didn’t take away focus from the single-player story. Too many games use multiplayer these days in my opinion.

I don’t see it adding much to the game, and multiplayer is a lot more complex than most people assume. I’d ask that it be added only after everything Failbetter has planned is done, if at all, and, honestly, I’d prefer that they spend the time it’d take to add it on something else entirely.

Just an idea. Certainly they shouldn’t shift the game’s focus from single-player, but I just thought it would be interesting to incorporate, or at the very least something fun to enjoy. I’ll wait for the modding community to give it a whirl.

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Hear, hear! I’ve been quietly up-voting all the down-votes that I see on otherwise reasonable posts, because it’s really not fun to see people dislike and/or disregard what you may have spent some effort in writing. I wish we could get rid of that button entirely, and just rely on reporting to moderators instead.

Back on topic, adding multiplayer support seems like it would be tremendously difficult. None of the infrastructure is there, so some of the core systems may need to be reworked just to get two different controllable ships running side-by-side. If they wanted the multiplayer to have even a bit of meat to it they would need to add a huge amount more content and dynamics (PvP, altered fighting mechanics when playing co-op, shared missions and events, transfer of cargo, somehow synching calendars, etc.). Games that are going to be multiplayer probably need to be designed that way from the beginning, which, sadly, Sunless Sea was not.

All that said, it would be pretty cool to get five players ganging up on Mt. Nomad.

What if the multiplayer wasn’t multiple ships, but rather a singular ship with multiple roles?

The second player could play a first-mate or officer, their background option would simply provide benefits to the first player (much like the standard officers do.) but they generate their own Secrets and their own “Something Awaits” and may resolve their own events when ashore, or assist the first player with their events. This second player could also be in charge of combat maneuvers or placing waypoints on the chart while the first player handles the movement (and most likely ignores those waypoints.)

It could also be fun to see the original captain mutinied off his ship and the second player put in charge as the crew appoints a new leader. Clearly there’d be some kinks to work out, but it was just a spitball idea.