Constant Crashing

With the new Zubmariner release I decided to get back into SS after a long break, I played the base game for many hours with only a small number of problems but now I can’t go five minutes without a crash, usually much less. I’ve only gotten automated messages from the support email accounts so I decided to make a post here in case anyone is immediately familiar with my problem, I’d hate to wait days for an easy fix. As per the bug report instructions:

-I have the latest Steam version

-I have the output log .txt file but I don’t know how to attach it on this forum

-PC specs: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

-The crashes happen seemingly randomly, opening the map can cause a crash, attacking can, discovering something can, sitting in port doing nothing can.

-The bug is that the game crashes constantly

-What I expected was the game to not crash constantly

The only fixes I’ve tried so far is verifying the game data in Steam, uninstalling and reinstalling, and deleting the local roaming data in between installations, no difference made. The only difference to my system since playing the original Sunless Sea is the installation of Windows 10.
edited by Hobnail on 10/16/2016

You should probably email failbetter about this.

Oh I did, just waiting on something other than automated replies, figured I’d make a post here in case someone has a solution off the top of their head.

Same with me. At first I thought it was my calculator’s fault, buut nope - it’s some messed up code in the game (that, to my observation, causes Memory leaks which in turn cause the game to crash when the player undertakes a more memory taxing action, like opening your map, going under zee or entering a port).

Well those are my two cents. Maybe I’m wrong, maybe I’m right. Whatever it may be though, I hope it get’s fixed soon. Papa needs his escapism!
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A memory leak problem feels pretty plausible to me, the first crash after a fresh installation always takes longer to occur than subsequent crashes

Well, well, we may have just cracked the case, Hobnail.

I just checked several of my crash logs and guess what - all were caused due to a “lack of workable memory”. I also saw some logs posted online from other users (most of which of course, had marginally better hardware than mine) aaaand yup - same deal, crash was caused do to their machine getting momentary Alzheimer.
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I keep getting dumped outside the map and get stuck there.


My crashing issues have been resolved completely after I received instructions from the Failbetter support staff, very easily fixed, I am extremely pleased with the response.

Definitely not a memory leak problem, some sort of strange interaction between Unity and windows font files, deleting a font cache file fixed me right up.
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Welp, there goes my one chance to shine. :D

But seriously though - that’s good to hear Hobnail.

SPOKE TOO SOON, right back to constant crashing, suppose I’ll send the new bug report folders.

YOU GOT JINXED SON! But no, really, that sucks.