Considering the cancelling of 1900.

So, this year, we all had the change of the century cancelled and got back to the year 1899. And His Amused Lordship is now selling all his wine by the cellars.
This was a fun event and all, but it does raise questions.
The question that is bothering me right now is this: does the Traitor Empress even have that kind of power here in the Neath? I’ve always considered Her Enduring Majesty more of a formal figure, all her power seized by the Masters after the Fall. But now she just comes out and makes a decision that should greatly inconvenience Mr Pages, at least — you know, with all the calendars needing to be reprinted.
Did I have the wrong idea about the extent of her powers, or is this somehow sanctioned by the Masters and actually part of a greater scheme?
edited by Aronia on 1/8/2022

The Masters seem happy to either allow or humour Her Majesty’s right to censor things. The Ministry of Public Decency is a Mr Pages joint so that’s just more stuff (and stories) to confiscate. And unless this is a new tradition, Calendars are usually purchased before the New Year so they’re ready to go; by the time the Empress made her proclamation they’d nearly all been bought, and now Mr Pages just got permission to shamelessly print and sell a second batch.