Considering getting Fate, what is the best story?

I hope this doesn’t break the ‘no fate-locked content spoilers’ rule because I’m not looking for spoilers. Given that the fate-locked stuff cost money, and I don’t like diving in blind, I was wondering which stories, from Long-lost daughter to Rubbery Murders, did you guys like the most, and why? Was it heartwarming, action-packed, or what?

if this does break rules… then I’m sorry, I’m new to these forums. Go ahead and lock it if it does.

There’s a very long thread about this very topic:

I enjoyed Soul Trade, and Exceptional Friendship for a month is worth it for the two one-shot storylines available in the House of Chimes. But some of the most highly recommended Fate-locked content is later-game content unlocked outside the Nex tab. (Theological Husbandry and Flute Street in particular)[li]
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As often as the Soul Trade gets recommended, there is one thing that really sours my entire view of it. If you buy it, a card is introduced into your deck that will stay there until you sell your soul. I seem to get this card more than almost every other card; its frequency feels much too high for what it is. If you dislike having to discard the same card over and over, I can’t recommend the Soul Trade for that reason.

I think you can get rid of it if you get rid of your Hell connection, but for Spirifers that probably isn’t a very viable solution (especially if you are also a Trickster).

It would be nice to get rid of that one card you gain from Soul Trade that most players find useless. Maybe with an option like the recently changed artist’s model and jewel thief cards.

Even better would be making players happy to see it- maybe adding an option that gives goods scaling with persuasive?

It is unfortunate to buy an option with nex and feel worse off because of it. Not saying that’s how I feel- definitely enjoyed the story.

Also, to keep with the subject of this thread, I just bought some nex. Have already purchased Soul Trade and Exceptional Friendship- and just now picked up Emp. Redolence. And hopefully soon, Flute Street. Not sure about other things to buy- probably a few of the new options regarding archeology, but I want to save nex for Below and will probably hold off on Secrets Framed in Gold, the diplomatic and velocipede options, etc.
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