Connecting Pre-Existing Twitter To StoryNexus?

I’m trying to connect my old Twitter-tied Echo Bazaar account to my newly created StoryNexus account. I was not aware at the time I created my StoryNexus account that I was doing things in the wrong order. Help!!! I did “contact creator” a couple weeks ago and never received a reply.
edited by oldbushie on 2/17/2013

Your Fallen London account is a StoryNexus account, so you can continue logging in through twitter to access that character. You may also link an e-mail to it so that you can simply type that in to log in. I don’t think you can connect it to your second Storynexus account, so you’ll just have to live with that. Maybe make a second Fallen London character to experience a different ambition? Or other things you won’t do on your main? Of course, all of this is assuming that I am not misunderstanding the heart of the issue.

I just want to combine the two so I don’t have to log in with Twitter all the time. :( I don’t have any Echo Bazaar progress on my new StoryNexus account.

Again, you may link an email to your current Fallen London account. If you want it to be the same email that your new Storynexus account is using you’ll probably have to contact Failbetter about it.

Edit: Alternatively you could deactivate the new Storynexus account. This should free up the email so that you can connect it to your Fallen London account, and that should fix all your problems. You may do this here: [StoryNexus Settings]
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That’s why I’m posting here. ;) I tried contacting them and didn’t receive a reply, so hopefully someone on the team sees it. I had sent them a couple different messages and never heard from them.

While I could deactivate my newer account, I’d rather not without affirmation that it would indeed free up my email. Also, I currently have a few Nex in my new account.

Ah~ yeah, I wouldn’t want to deactivate an account with Nex on it either. Hope something can be worked out. ^^

[color=6600FF]If you submit a report to , someone should help you.[/color]

Thanks! I’ll try emailing directly and see if that works.

Yay! I’m all taken care of now. They migrated over my Nex and I have full access to my Echo Bazaar account via email login now. They’re also going to look into the contact form to see if that broke.