Connecting FL Account to Multiple Installs

I purchased this game the Humble Store and having been using the Steam copy, and wanted to connect my copy to my Fallen London account, despite the fact I may not have realized not to sell the Whisper Locked Sea Chest.
Anyways, the actual problem is that I installed it on my desktop via my own account, but also want to connect my copy on my laptop (which gives me the capacity to play this a tad more often). However, I get errors about having already used the generic Steam authentication code. Is there anyone to disconnect my account from my desktop since I have a fairly significant legacy going on the laptop, or am I basically going to have to make another account exclusively for the purpose of Sunless Sea and whatever other connected events we got.

You should be able to link your account to any number of Sunless Sea installations, since it’s not tied to Steam in any way. I’m not sure what the generic Steam authentication error is about. Can you post a screenshot of the message?

By the way, you can reset the Whisper-Locked Sea-Chest for 3 Fate at your Lodgings, under the option “Write Letters”.

Screenshot here
And thank you for confirming that! I had heard that but had not the foggiest idea where to look. Whenever I end up purchasing Fate I’ll have to do that.

A little digging seems to indicate this is a kludgy use of Steam’s CD-key checking, which unfortunately puts this in the realm of “issues that need to go direct to Failbetter”. Send a report to

I have done so, but nevertheless thank you for your help![li]