Connected: The Masters of the Bazaar

In a poor turn of fortune I just managed to lose some of my already piteous level of this.
Chancing things at The Big Top aside are there many ways to advance this?
Thanks for any advice and directions

Miss Loveshanks

A card unlocks with 100 proscribed materials that will let you buy connections with them, albeit at a rather steep price. Much more than the mere 100 materials necessary to see the card.

Many of the stories in London also have choices and conclusions that will gain favor with the Masters, but these raises are a one time deal. Off the top of my head, the Cheesemonger, university, and I think Labyrinth of Tigers stories all allow you to side with the Masters, for example.

Finally, seasonal events like Hallowmass and the 12 Days of Mr Sacks frequently have options that will raise your connections.

I’ve been playing for a while now (not the years of some of our esteemed colleagues, certainly, but for a not insignificant portion of time nonetheless) and I’m still only around Connected: 4 or so. They are indeed very difficult to curry favor with.

If you ever run out completely, playing round the Obtaining Ruinous Quantities of Sweetmeats and Thespians for Mr. Wines’ Revels loop will give you 1 CP of Connected: Masters if you don’t have any.

Beyond that, I believe the route Sackville mentions is the only way I know of reliably, but expensively accumulating Connected: Masters. Wiki says this has a generous upper limit of 11 Connected.

Thanks for the advice. I didn’t realise their favour was quite so elusive! Perhaps I should have been less risky with it.

If you’re going to be using the Mr Pages route I’d suggest giving him the Special Books. It’s a much better deal.