Connected: the Gracious Widow

What is this for? It just hit 15. ive been rrisngraising it but im not seeing benefits…[li]

It represents your interactions with the Gracious Widow. I think there’s some minor storylet in Spite that it unlocks, and there’s a conflict card between the Widow and the Docks that you can play if both are high.

You can always put off raising it until you come across a reason to need it, I don’t think anything’s going to appear just by raising it though.

k then. btw, howw do i get a plant/spar? and why would you want to rais nightmares!?

Widow is pretty much useless, spending her connections on Jade gives a pittance for the actions required. Only useful thing is the conflict cards (for bulk Jade), which require a very high Widow connected score and will destroy your Widow score if you side with the other folks.

Some cards/options only open up with higher nightmares.

You get a plant through an opportunity card. I’m surprised you haven’t found it yet. Once it hits level 10 (from feeding it), you’ll get a message from a lady, then you can challenge folks to plant battles.

The plant can be grown through opportunity cards, which you can draw once you’re Free of Surface Ties ( and then higher-level plant cards) It’s a pretty long growth period to get it to battle form (all the way up to level 19, one CP at a time per card…), but it’s a nice diversion.

Deadly sparring is available in your lodgings, under “Invite someone to a lethal sparring bout”. Loser dies. It’s unlocked once you’ve collected a ribbon in the Black Ribbon Society.

My nightmares tend to go down over time via the urchins card (the option unlocked by one of the endings of the the fate-locked HOJOTOHO story) and via the Interpreter of Dreams card; one of the options on that card has a low random chance of increasing your Connected: Masters of the Bazaar ( I want to keep my nightmares at 3 or more to keep drawing that card, so I’m usually pretty happy to do things that increase them. (I could always just seek curios in the forgotten quarter until they go up, but might as well use social actions for it.)

gotcha. gotcha. gotcha. gotcha. gotcha. ok. yep. ok

The Widow conflict card is a profitable use of Docks favors and outdoes just calling in favors in the Wolfstack Docks. You could also rely on Urchin conflict, but it doesn’t cost you anything but a few actions to get Connected: Widow up once it hits 30 you never need to think about it again.

Also handy for if your Urchin favors don’t reliably hit five because you keep calling in those favors in the Flit.

i am now free of the surface! get ready for gardening people :D

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Back to the Dock favours: use them for expeditions in the Forgotten Quarters.

i will i just recently had someone tell me that i wasnt aware they existed sorry man