Connected Pets

Which one do you have? More importantly, how do you like it? Even more so of the importance, which one would you consider your favorite?

I have a Racing Slug, and he seems quite…noble, though I kind of want a Grubby Kitten, just because it is a Grubby Kitten.

My Grubby Kitten colluded with my Starveling Cat and refused me access to my larder until placated with an entire fish. It is a terrible thing to be blackmailed in one’s own home.

Soran has a Preening Macaw named Brightly, Zero Hunt a Disappointing Marsh Wolf name Izzy, and Kasha Cairn a Subtle Mole named Marly. They’re all liked well enough; Soran loves any creature, no matter how obnoxiously vain; Zero is drawn to things that remind him of people from his past, which most canines do; and Cairn can appreciate the mole’s knack for digging up secrets, although they may switch to a Bandaged Raven someday (a rag-wrapped corvid just seems like a more fitting pet for this character, somehow).

I started with a Disappointing Marsh Wolf, but I eventually traded him in for a Grubby Kitten. Because it was a Grubby Kitten.

Right now I have a Hungover Terrier, though I’m considering trading him for something else. I’m not just sure what. On the other hand, he kinda fits into my collection so maybe I’ll keep the little fella.

It’s a Preening Macaw for the Fishy Investigator. Named after a certain ‘Spanish peacock’. Such magnificent plumage! But a Racing Slug of Fine Pedigree came before, and racing it was quite entertaining in those early days.

I have a bandaged raven (named Anghel) that’s been with me since the beginning. She gets along well with my raven advisors. I don’t think I could bear to part with her. But the slug and the bloodhound look very cute.

I have a Subtle Mole and I enjoy her ability to ferret out secrets, although all the different connected pets people have mentioned seem appropriately zany. I too find the Grubby Kitten interesting entirely because it is a Grubby Kitten.

I’ve had a Partisan Messenger Tortoise for a while now because at one point I needed to convince someone that I was REALLY respectable. But now that I’ve been reminded the Grubby Kitten is an option I’m going to switch to that because, well… Grubby Kitten!

My dreaded mole is a reliable source of correspondence plaques.

The Grubby Kitten is actually pretty profitable if you’re sufficiently dreaded. Also and more importantly, it’s a Grubby Kitten.

Just sent my Racing Slug on his merry way, and now I heavily regret it.

WITHOUT a good chance at winning the Dreaded/Respectable/Bizarre challenge, the Racing Slug gives the greatest profit of two 50 pence wines at the cost of two Moon Pearls in the other challenge.

Now I have to get Society Connection up, though, and I have no idea how to do it…just bought Slowcakes stupid book, but apparently you ALREADY have to have a Society connection of 10 to use it.

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You should be able to get it up using the cards that are in the deck while you don’t have a Connected Pet. You can find the scuffle in the street in Veilgarden.

I think this thread, and other &quotLet me tell you about my character&quot threads, might be better situated in the Mr Pages’ Fabularities section.

It does? I don’t feel like this is roleplaying at all, but simply discussing which Connected Pets we have and why we like them. Still, if it does…how can I ask someone to move it?

At the least, it belongs in The Salons. The Bazaar is more for mechanical gameplay than in-character discussion.
I’d PM an admin.

[quote=Marcus of the Mangrove College]WITHOUT a good chance at winning the Dreaded/Respectable/Bizarre challenge, the Racing Slug gives the greatest profit of two 50 pence wines at the cost of two Moon Pearls in the other challenge.[/quote]I used to think like that, but that was in the beginning, when my racing slug won the vast majority of the races. (I didn’t check what all the connected pets did until I already had the slug, so it wasn’t planned or anything.) I suspect that I was just lucky, and before I got rid of it I had 23 wins to 20 losses, which indicates that the chance is 50%. Considering that and the -2 x Moon-pearl, the average should be slightly less than the regular 1 x Third Tier Resource given by the other connected pets when you succeed with their quite easy stat challenges, which also give at least +1 CP in the relevant stat.

I have considered getting a Grubby Kitten, but to be frank, I don’t particularly care for its grubbiness. 20 x Rat on a String or Making Waves +1 CP from the Preening Macaw? Well, in the interest of accurate accounting, I kind of prefer getting the occasional +1 CP so I can more often verify my numbers. And I’m not sure, but I think Tales of Terror might give only 1-8 CP when traded sideways, where Incendiary Gossip gives 1-10 CP. All excuses for those pretty, pretty feathers.

And it’s a good thing this thread is still in the Bazaar, so we can freely discuss these game mechanics! ;)

Hmm…who should I get, then, I wonder…yeah, I forgot about the luck based part of the Slug, so maybe I should get someone else. But who?

I went for the Kitten a long time ago as I had intended to be Closest to: the Urchins. That’s ended up not being the case, but I actually can’t bring myself to get rid of her now. Rats and Tales of Terror are a nice bonus.