Connected: Masters uses

I’m about to do something I’m pretty sure will drop this trait. Is there anything useful I should spend it on first? I have 2, I think I’m one CP off 3.

If you have hearts desire you can cash them in for first city coins.

Sadly, Nemesis.

It can be used in the Tomb Colonies to reduce Scandal, when investingating the Secular Missionary, to remove the Turncoat quality if it reaches 4, and if it was above 3, you could get some reaserch notes out of it (provided you were at the point where that is possible at all).

Out of curiousity, what are you going to do?
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Publish an edition about the Affair of the Box. I finally got my reputation for honesty.

It sounds like the trait is only conditionally useful. I think I’m just going to pull the trigger on this special edition, and the Masters’ feelings be d–ned.

Bragging rights

Very few uses for Connected: Masters, beyond the bragging rights as another poster said. The recent Wry Functionary content had an option that was unlocked at level 5, but beyond that the quality is really only capable of being spent - and I believe every time you have an option to spend Masters, there is an option to spend a more easily-grindable connection.

If you really want to grind it and are willing to spend lots of cash, it can be increased through Mr Pages’ opportunity card. Otherwise Sacksmas has several options to increase.

Mine is at level 8. Not that I feel any particular affinity to the Masters, but it never hurts to have friends in high (or, indeed, low) places…

It’s also useful when acquiring a pleasure yacht and isn’t spent in that instance. Just… used.

There are a /lot/ of plot-relevant storylets that require Connected: The Masters; they provide additional background information, and do not use up any C:TM. Further, to my knowledge, having ‘high’ C:TM doesn’t cause any annoying Conflict cards to pop up in your hand, unlike most other Connections in London. I’d strongly advise against pulling the trigger on it; you’ll almost certainly regret it later.

I’m pretty sure I’d regret siding with fires or stones more later, to be honest :P
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It’s grindable back up, but gold-bordered choices are (mostly) forever. I say go for it.