What was your Connected: [faction] at conversion, and what renown did you get?

For me:

Society: 327-13 (with 7 favours)
Bohemian: 359->28 (with 7 favours)
Revolutionaries: 498->50 (with 7 favours; glad I’d called in favours in the Flit a few times recently, I think I peaked at 508 connected)
Church: 95->0 (7 favours, but surely this is a bug? Should I wait?)
Hell: ~300->~30
Constables: ~90-single-digit
Great Game: utterly insignificant

Church as not a bug, that was the second harshest conversion at 14. :(

When your result is lower than 5 renown, you get 0, so you can use carnival renown+favour booster.

Went from 202 society to renown 8 and 7 favours

I am curious why the church connection conversion was so harsh, as I found it to be one of the most difficult connections to grind out.

Well, evidently there were plenty of people with extremely high Connected: The Church.

Connected: Bohemian 866 -> 50
Connected: The Church 457 -> 31
Connected: Revolutionaries 111 -> 10
Connected: Society 1192 -> 50
Connected: Criminals 49(?) -> 0
Connected: Constables 29 -> 0
Connected: the Great Game 371+ -> 50
Connected: Hell 132 -> 12

I can’t remember the others

Connected: Criminals ??? -> 40
Connected: Docks ??? -> 49
Connected: Bohemian 1618 -> 50
Connected: The Church 1065 -> 50
Connected: Revolutionaries 1060 -> 50
Connected: Society 2410 -> 50
Connected: Constables 850+? -> 50
Connected: the Great Game 550+? -> 50
Connected: Hell 777+? -> 50
Connected: Urchin 550+? -> 50
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Connected: The Church was ridiculously easy to acquire in vast quantities, especially since few things used it up.

I had 512 Connected: The Church and that went to 7 Favours: The Church and 35 Renown: The Church. I feel that is reasonable, if not generous.
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Church had the benefit of rarely being used and being increased Massively by being a Shepherd of Souls.

For my main (my alt’s Connecteds were never remarkable), the figures are, as best I recall them now:

Connected: Bohemian 102 → 7
Connected: The Church 2167–> 50
Connected: Constables → 1200s → 50
Connected: Revolutionaries: 102 → 9 (used my 7 Favours to make it 10 immediately).
Connected: Society 175 → 7
Connected: the Great Game 200s → 34 (I think; I’ve been raising it but it’s still under 40)
Connected: Hell 321 (I think) → 35 (I think; see above)
Connected: Urchins high 200s (I think) → 32 (I think; see above)
Connected: The Docks --low 100s → prob. 14 or 15 (haven’t increased it much and it’s 15 now)
Connected: Tomb Colonists --200s (I think) -->34 or so I think (it’s only 36 now)
Connected: Rubbery Men – low 300s → 32 or 33 I think (I brought it up to 40 after several months)
Connected: Criminals – 100s → 13 (I think) (still only 15 now).

I’m only sure of the figures for the top 5 Factions in this list. Please don’t use any of this info to try to math the conversion without substantial corroboration.
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I still have some Connections with The Church, Bohemians, Revolutionaries, and Society despite just using 7 newly-acquired favours to get Renown: 3 with all of them. Is this just residue or is there somewhere I convert these Connections into favours?

The old Connected values stick around for a while, in case FBG needs to use it to fix something. IIRC there was a partial re-do for the Constables Renown conversion, and the Great Game connected stuck around for like 3 weeks before being wiped by Time the Healer.

So who’s going to be the one to figure out how to best acquire these new favours?

I would like to help but I’m sure there are people who have notes on these kinds of things.

[quote=Tystefy]So who’s going to be the one to figure out how to best acquire these new favours?

I would like to help but I’m sure there are people who have notes on these kinds of things.[/quote]

Do you mean like these: