Connected: Docks, Ztories & Shores.

With the Connection conversion looming, I’ve been looking for ways to increase my various connections into the hundreds.
Naturally I’m using all the conflict cards, but I’m trying to find the best ways to grind some of the connections consistently.

As near as I can tell, the only way to grind Connected: The Docks is with the Provide Sage Advice storylet. You get 40cp of Connected for 5 Memories of Distant Shores and 5 Zee-Ztories.

What does everyone think is the best way to get as many Ztories & Shores?
Or is there a better way of getting Connected; Docks over 30 without cards?

I don’t know of a grindable storylet, but if you completed The Gift with a certain ending the related card can provide C: Docks with no cap I’m aware of.

I went through this exact issue recently as I went on a grind to get all Connections up to 200+ (now succeeded) (Masters obviously an exception). I got most of it through the conflict cards and only realised about Providing Sage Advice near the end. I got my Stories ‘n’ Shores through side-conversions, scooping up the MW gains along the way. Fortunately, I have a warehouse full of Journals of Infamy gained from my newspaper days, so can cycle those round to the necessary Tier 3 items.

If you’re less keen on that, perhaps Taking a Break From Duelling in Wolfstack and boast about your wounds in a tavern? It’s 5cp Docks a pop provided you have some wounds. Overall this will be slower but may be more readily available than the Sage Advice.

I like the conflict cards route, though admittedly the Docks/Widow one comes with a hefty connected loss for the other side, and grinding Widow has recently become slower with rejigging of Spite stories.

When you say Connection conversion is looming… has there been any new news about this since Criminals got converted? Or are you just assuming that it’s “coming soon” as forewarned back then?

No news since Criminals. I presume before the next connection is switched over there will be an announcement.
Until then it’s this nebulous Sword of Damocles. Could be tomorrow. Could be next year. Better to get it done sooner rather than later.
It’s far more interesting than Echo grinding, in any event.

I’m having trouble finding the blue discussion/announcement of the change to criminals. It happened before I started I believe so I’m curious how they transitioned from one to the other. And also whether grinding connected would be a waste of time now. Well not now but rather when it is looming. It seems like it would be based on how favours: criminals works.

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Or possibly here.

[quote=maleclypse]And also whether grinding connected would be a waste of time now.[/quote]The more Connected you have now, the higher your Renown will be when the conversion comes. It appears to work on a sliding scale.
For instance, I had Connected: Criminals 160 and got 23 Renown, Connected: Criminals 50 gave 4 Renown and Connected Criminals 1,000 gave 50. Everything above 20 gave the maximum of 7 Favours.
You can increase Renown using your appropriate connection item; in this case an old Bone Skeleton key. However, at a certain point this increase one Quirk up to 15 and decrease another rather substantially.
As all but 3 of my Quirks are at about 20 or higher, I’m aiming to get my Renown as high as I can when the conversion comes.

Additionally, Connections are presently something which one can grind. Favours are only going to be available through cards. So, since I’m in no hurry to grind Echoes, I thought I’d use the dedicated source for potential Renown while I can.

Now there are quite a few folks who don’t particularly want Renown or don’t see the point of having it. This is a perfectly valid opinion. To those folks, yes, grinding connected now would seem a waste of time.