Connected Docks 30

I remember seeing some goal that required Connected: Docks 30 (it might have also required Connected: Society 30 as well, not sure) so I decided to focus on getting my Docks up to 30. Well now it’s 30 but wouldn’t you know it I’ve forgotten what the goal was.

Can someone help me out? What tasks (cards or storylets) require Docks 30? Thanks in advance.

The Acacia and the Butterfly? But that’s Widow connected rather than Society Connected.

You either wanted Favours in High Places or some Strong-Backed Labor.

The Plans tab is lovely for bookmarking long-term goals like this. You add the plan from, say, the Docks v Urchins card and then add yourself a note:

“Step 1, get Docks connections to 30.
Step 2, get Widow’s connections to 30.
Step 3, ???
Step 4, Profit!!”

It might have been The Acacia and the Butterfly, yes, but I’m not sure. I just got the card and settled for the Dock workers, since I had 66 Widow already. If the card keeps coming up I can farm it for Labour for a while. :)

Thanks all.