Confirming math A discount for purchase in bulk

So when I do the math 80 romantic notions are worth 50P more than 750 Bottles of 1879. Is this correct? So that discount is actually a negative value trade.

Yes you are correct. However, it is a discount based on the fact that to buy wine from the bazaar, it would cost 15 echoes, twice as much. Also, never buy low-tier items from the bazaar if you can help it.

I do it when i have nothing better to spend money on and am in a dreadful rush. It burns through money like nobody’s business, but it saves time and energy looking up grinds that specifically give, say, prisoner’s honey and lamplighter beeswax.
Then again, i don’t care to get an overgoat, which may be coloring my judgement. (either way, don’t do it till you’re fully equipped.)