Computer shutdown

I was fighting a bound shark, which I’ve done before with no problems, and my entire computer shut down. (No, nothing was unplugged, always the first thing I check with my little munchkin running around). Any ideas?? I’m not sure if I should report it as a bug since I’ve fought plenty of bound sharks without issue?

To hazard a guess, you experienced a thermal shutdown. Your computer got very hot, tripped the emergency shutdown switch in the internal monitoring system, and bang. If you abruptly went from all is well to No Power, that’s the most likely explanation.

This would not be a bug with SS and as they continue to optimize maybe it won’t be so taxing.

Try closing other programs before running, reducing the graphic quality and resolution.


I bet you’re right - I forgot it wasn’t optimized yet. Thank you!

You may also be having some hardware problems. I’d check to make sure your fans aren’t clogged with dust, etc., and maybe run a CPU temperature checker just to make sure you don’t have any other issues going on. Usually if I have a thermal shutdown it means something’s gone wrong internally that I need to fix before it all melts.

Sharks play dirty.