Compulsion vs Admiralty Special

Am I reading these right? Are these the same price, but one gives +3500 power and the other +2500? What the hell?

The 2500 one used to give +20 veils. Stats boosts on items were removed shortly before launch and I don’t think the prices were rebalanced. But I imagine there will be a patch someday to address this.

The removal of stats boosts explains other price disparities such as the deck guns used to give irons bonuses and now they don’t. Basically you were paying for the stat boost with a little extra cost and reduction in speed. Makes sense when you think of 20 veils as a 999 echos x 20 secret value.
edited by NiteBrite on 2/15/2015

The 2500 Power engine can also be sold back for 2500, so it sort of only costs 2500 echoes, since you will replace it if you continue playing long enough.

Thanks for the explanation NiteBrite, that makes a lot more sense.

Are some engines more efficient than others though?
I went for the compulsion first time and it eats through fuel like a fat boy through candy floss. Chose the admiralty special and I could swear I got further distance out of the same fuel.
Also I am aware that at least one engine is more efficient. Would rather have had that then the weapon option frankly. Bloody knot oracles.

Unless it specifically says “fuel efficiency” it’s not more efficient.
But, with that in mind, there are huge diminishing returns. Going from 800 engine power to 2500 will net perhaps a 30% speed increase, but eat fuel 300% more quickly.

I take it that only applies to the starting ship though? For something larger such as the merchant cruiser or frigate there would be more of an impact? And finally is there a rule of thumb that people are working this out with like engine power - ship weight = speed <50 or is it just mix and match then see?

Mix and match. But, that being said, the fulgent impeller, with power 5000, on the 15k ship makes it go perhaps twice as fast as the starter.

Fuel will burn at a set rate regardless of ship size (which is 0.1% of engine power per second at full throttle (not full power) - in the case of the fulgent, that’s 5% of a barrel per second, knocked to 2.5% with the native fuel efficiency).

lamp takes 1% per second, all ships, all lamps. But it means that the 3500 engine actually chews more fuel than the fulgent, but you’ll struggle to notice a speed difference in any of the ships other than the 29k one between 5k and 3.5k.

thanking you kindly, very helpful.