Complete the Season of Wrecks with Fate

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When I noticed the storylet for September’s Exceptional Story earlier today (on my way to unlock November’s story), I thought it a very pleasant surprise, because I had expected to gain access to it in late December, and I had wanted to complete the three stories of this season before moving on with something else. However, having already unlocked the other Exceptional Stories of the season without proceeding any further with them, I opted not to start the Fate-locked one straight away, preferring to complete the others first. (I’ve been busy with other things lately, and couldn’t devote much time to the game, so I’ve been saving the stories for a more convenient time.) I did think to come to the forum for some information, for the first time in several months, and started reading this thread with the intention of leaving a very approving message. I was then startled to discover that the storylet was of limited duration, and upon returning to the game, I confirmed that the entire Breakwater House storylet had disappeared. Like a mirage, the idea of playing the trio this weekend appeared, and then promptly vanished again.

I am not saying, of course, that anything is to blame for my distress other than my own propensity to leave some things for the last minute, and overall lack of time. But I do want to ask about the game’s philosophy as to the provision of information. Was it explained anywhere other than in the forum that the Breakwater House storylet was supposed to be there just for the three months, and that it would then be removed even for a player who was halfway through one of its stories?* (The use of a storylet common to all three stories is, after all, a novel idea; when a new, non-seasonal—a.k.a. not annual—storylet appears, it’s usually in the form of permanently added new content.) I know it can help me in many ways to consult the forum, but I wonder to what extent I am supposed to visit it before I can properly play and enjoy the game. It was my understanding that Failbetter knew, and took into account, that many players did not visit the forum. I realise there are limits as to how much information can be given in-game, but I wonder if anything has changed in the past few months in this regard.

  • For that matter, was it even explained in the forum? The opening post of this thread was not clear about it, and a long, possibly spoiler-ridden thread is not an enticing place for someone with little appetite for spoilers, or time to ask a question at the end and keep checking in for a response.
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The removal of the house for people still completing stories seems to be a mistake, and will probably come back. Though I can’t say if the fate locked story will still be purchasable.

I might also add here that the threads announcing the last few Exceptional Stories include the usual sentence, &quotIf you want to keep an Exceptional Story beyond the month it’s for, you must complete the related storylet in the House of Chimes. This will save it for you to return to another time.&quot Clearly this is not the case here; on speaking with the Severe Bluejacket, one receives the message that the story has been unlocked, and without doing anything else one retains that story past its month of offering. Even so, I imagine some readers may have been alarmed to read that note, at least momentarily.[i]

[/i][quote=suinicide]The removal of the house for people still completing stories seems to be a mistake, and will probably come back. Though I can’t say if the fate locked story will still be purchasable.[/quote]
Probably not; this thread says it would be available until today. After all, I assume that when the story becomes available through the Fate page, the version of Bluejacket’s house that appears for those who purchase it will not have any use for such a Fate-locked storylet.
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[color=#cc0099]Breakwater House should now be available again for those of you who have begun a Breakwater story but have not performed the hand-in yet.

[color=#cc0099]Players should find that they are able to return to Breakwater House at their leisure to finish these stories, but if you have any issues doing so, please let us know at As this is something new we’re trying out, we appreciate your patience during times where we have to work out a few kinks, thank you.[/color]

Yeah, I’m a little confused, too. I’ve done all three stories, and had a card come up a little while after the last one. Is there anything more to do? I still have Breakwater House appearing on my page, but nothing to do there other than talking to that gang of hangers-on. Quite nice for getting various inventory items, but not sure if it’s a mistake. It feels like it is done, but it is still hanging around like a house guest who just won’t go home.

I don’t mind at all, actually, but am unsure if it’s supposed to be this way. Have I missed something? Is there some sort of epilogue to the whole thing somewhere? (It would be like me to have missed it if it’s lying out in the world somewhere, I must admit. But there’s nothing at the house.)

There will be an epilogue to the whole thing, but its not out yet. Maybe shortly before/after the next ES.
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If I do all the stories of a Season once they’re out for a fate price, do I still get to see the epilogue/bonus stuff?

Yep, you can even repurchase them to play the epilogue again.