I, am in need of acquaintances. Perhaps more as time progresses but for now, I need someone of a charming disposition or whatever disposition you have found yourself in among the depths of London, to enjoy the company of and have my company enjoyed in turn.

Aside from that I would rather a respectable person as I tend to get wrapped up in matters of Scandal and Suspicion, and when I plea, &quotYou have the wrong man, why ask this respectable Sir/Ma’am/Lord/Lady/Neither/Both/Captain here and they will surely tell you the honesty truth about me&quot, well I need you to be the one who gives a good friend a helping hand.

I am very generous and caring to those who I like. If this has piqued your interest then please send me a calling card so I can acknowledge your intentions.

~ Echo1998

You can add me, I will accept any social actions except loitering but I’m currently at zee so I can’t accept social actions right now.

I’m always up for social actions. I can’t make you an Acquaintance as I have too many of those, but would be happy to make you a contact and share Coffees at Caligulas and other general actions.

One always, always, always needs more friends…

I have links to another thread where newcomers are welcomed to find friends in my signature. I’d recommend to add your own FL profile to your signature as many of us on the forum do, as it does make it easier for Others to find you in game.

But welcome to London!