'Companion', an interface oddity?

While pondering what to name a recently acquired companion I noticed something weird at the bottom of the list, namely an entry for a companion which was simply named ‘Companion’.
Figuring that it was probably an element which had been damaged by the passage of time I named it ‘What?’ and went to check which companion now had this name. As it turns out, none of them did.

Does anyone know what this is? I’m guessing it’s just a remnant of something which Failbetter forgot to dispose of.

NOTE: Potential spoilers here, as I left in the rest of the companion list.

Hah, I never knew you could name that slot! To my knowledge, it’s always been labelled ‘Companion.’ I just took it as a kind of ‘header’ for the dropdown menu. I never thought to rename it, though… Heh, kudos to you.

I just tried, by the way, and I can do the same.
edited by Sestina Valdis on 11/16/2015

I guess they decided to use the blank slate for a companion as a header. Odd that it shows up at the bottom rather than the top, though.

Welp, I guess I better try and think of something better to name it. It may just be an interface element, but it is MY interface element.

IT’s not a header, it’s a new invisible item that everyone has. I believe the item was introduced as a means of equipping a blank slot with the outfits.

Huh, that’s interesting. I wonder what it was about the outfits that made this necessary when it wasn’t before.

Given how Storynexus works (like the tutorial said, headers are based on these items), they probably surfaced as a result of implementing the outfit mechanic.

There seems to be one of these for each slot, and they can be set as mantlepiece items. I sent a bug report in about it so hopefully we’ll find out about it soon.

Oh wow, now that is weird. Just tested it myself, and it comes off as very unintentional. There’s no icon when selected, and it keeps using the description for the last item you had chosen.
edited by Munk on 11/17/2015