Combine items in inventory

I’m sorry if this has already been asked but the search bar has turned up nothing relating to this. Can someone please explain how to combine items in the inventory as some decisions say to combine X with other things in the Y category. Thank you!!

In my very limited experience… The search bar is almost hopeless. It only gives a handful of the possible results and if you try to filter by board, it gives no results when there are in fact positive results in there (just a few of which you can see only by searching Everywhere). It’s generally awful.

I am not sure about “combining” items per se, but some uses of items come from clicking them in your inventory (the Myself tab).

I don’t know about combining items in Fallen London, but if you have enough of certain items you can convert them into other items. You do this by clicking on them in your inventory, which opens up a storylet with options for that particular item. It’s basically like turning loose change into bigger denominations, though unless you’re unlucky you also get some added value.

The basic rules for converting items are that for tier 0, 1 and 2 there are two options for converting them ‘upwards’ into higher tier items. The regular option doesn’t require that many items and has a luck challenge for getting a small bonus. The bulk option saves a lot of time as it converts ten times as many items, and it doesn’t have a luck challenge, and the bonus is always that you get slightly more of the higher tier items than the worth of the lower tier items you’re converting. (About 50 pence more for tier 1 to 2, and 250 pence more for tier 2 to 3.)

Once you hit the third tier with the items worth 50 pence each, the rules change. Now you can either convert them upwards within the same category, or sideways to another category (50 x A Journal of Infamy gives 51 x Correspondence Plaque). This way any third tier item can (eventually) get you any other third tier item and therefore any other fourth or fifth tier item. And any first tier item could also get you any other fifth tier item with enough conversions. Converting third and fourth tier items into higher tier items always have luck challenges for bonuses, and also requires spending some points from a Connected to: quality, which varies with the category.

(For searching this forum I go to Google and type/paste in & together with whatever I’m looking for. That works quite well, and is useful for searching a lot of other forums with useless search functions.)

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Thank you for the help! It just confused me when it mentioned combining items to get X so that you can complete that story.

It is also worth looking at

You may have misread the text, but are you a POSI? there are a few storylets that require the use of items such as Favours in High Places, which can be created by combining other items in the Bazaar Sidestreets.
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