collated research sources

What is the best source/s for this item? I need 250

I don’t know if this helps, but my stats are the following:

Watchful: 65 + 11 (total 76)

Shadowy: 76 – 1 (total 75)

Dangerous: 49

Persuasive: 53

Thank you for your time and sorry for bothering
edited by Corvo on 5/1/2013

Convert Memories of Distant Shores to Collated Research in your inventory. 50 Memories will give you 10 volumes of Collated Research.

If you have Incendiary Gossip, you can convert 50 of those to 51 Memories.

There are Watchful options on the “Seekers of the Garden” and “The Cities that Fell” cards which grant 1 Memory on success.

You can also try your luck at the Fidgeting Writer storyline. It starts with an option from clicking the Tale of Terror!! in your inventory. If you succeed for a few steps, you’ll reach the point where you can quit by choosing a reward of 2 Collated Research.

Hmm ok, any good resource to get incendiary gossips and/or memories of distant shores?

Sorry, mate, there aren’t any options at your level which are both common and reliable. …It isn’t strictly true. For instance, you can convert 50 Mysteries of the Elder Continent to 51 Incendiary Gossip, but then that would be trading one difficult issue for another.

It’s far easier when your character is a Person of Some Importance. Then you can just grind for large clusters of Tier 1 and Tier 2 items to convert up. PoSI status is still a while away, though.

At your level, why would you need 250 volumes of Collated Research?

I got an invitation to the temple club, and there is something there that requires that…

Ahhh, yeah, you should ignore it till you become a PoSI at the very least. Even then, collecting hundreds of Collated Research won’t be easy. It’ll be long and tedious. Don’t waste your precious actions trying it at your current level. Do other fun things. :)

Hmmm ok, thanks for the tips! Going back to searching the correspondence !

What does that action do, anyway?