Collaborating on Content

Is there any way to share a world I’m creating with someone I wish to collaborate with, or to at least give them a Key of Dreams? I haven’t been able to find something like this on the forums, but I’ve also seen people talk about collaborating on worlds, and was curious whether there’s a system in place for this.

You can add other creators to your world by emailing FBG at with their character and account names.

You can assign Keys of Dreams to characters by using the Debug function under Godlike Powers.

You can also create an access code - if you plan to have a lot of testers - that gives your testers Key of Dreams automatically.

There’s a really good article Richard did in the Wiki that shows how to create your own version of KoD called “playtesters passkey” that is essentially a KoD that you have a lot more control over. If you make Playtester’s Passkey a useable quality, you can connect it to a toolkit card with options for playtesters to have access to hidden things, such as refreshing their actions.