Codex port report?

I’m probably missing something really obvious, but–with my last two captains, I have not had an option to gather a port report in Codex (only the option to exchange an enigma for a monster hunter). Yet I’m -sure- I used to pick up reports from Codex with earlier captains. Anyone have any idea?

Nope. You may be thinking of Strategic Information?

No, it was a port report. It even had some specific flavour text when brought back, along the lines of “Outcast for answering a question–that’s Whither for you”. Maybe having been to Whither first locks the option or something?

Perhaps a port report is only available when you have “Something Await[ing] you in Port”. Come to think of it I probably very rarely go to codex with “Something Awaits you in port” cause it’s so close to Wither

Codex Port Reports were, to the best of my knowledge, only added in an update a day or two ago, and aren’t reliant on Something Awaits You. So… man, I have no idea, and I’m not home to test out whether they’re available right now.

No, I had it, I skipped using it in Whither.

I dunno about historically, but checking the wiki, there’s a port report option there now – probably added in the same update that added port reports for a bunch of other islands – and it doesn’t require SAY.

I did uninstall and reinstall the game yesterday, I wonder if I messed something up in the process, as I noticed that unlike when I first installed it, it didn’t prompt me to download new stories…

So every port has a report now, right? I know for sure Codex was added in the last update. This seems like a bug or something.[li]

I’ve found I’m also missing other port reports. Apparently my reinstalling the game means I’m stuck in an earlier state, with the game wrongly telling me all stories are up to date?

There’ll be another update soon and it’ll be working fine, I can get Codex PR every time at the moment.

Yeah, I hope once the full release is out it’ll be working again. I don’t quite understand why reinstalling the game made it lose track of the fact that the stories were no longer up to date. I guess that information is stored online? If so I hope the future updates won’t work the same way, it’s a bit problematic if I having to reinstall the game for any reason basically means I’m stuck playing an older version until the next update comes around…

Isn’t there some kind of code they provided for people who didn’t want to make FL accounts but did want to download story updates as they came? If the problem is that your account is considered up to date, might this code work?

I dunno? I do kind of want to keep it linked to my FL account though, since I unlocked the story that’s supposed to give a starting bonus (That’s the whole reason why I reinstalled the game–I had unlocked that bit after the last story update and thought that to access the new content I’d have to force the game to download all available stories again via a reinstall)

You can force a story content redownload with a bit of tinkering; open Users{username goes here}\AppData\LocalLow\Failbetter Games\Sunless Sea\config.json in your favorite text editor and change ForceDownload from false to true. Though just waiting for another story content bump or patch should also work; there’ll almost definitely be one tomorrow, after all.

Ooh, that’s useful to know!

It also still had my login info saved, so apparently the uninstall didn’t delete quite everything, even though I got rid of the LocalLow/Failbetter games Folder. Odd…

But anyway it works now, and port reports are back! Thanks for the tip :)

That stuff’s stored in a registry value or something, I think, and I don’t think the uninstall process clears it. It didn’t when I was doing some Science many months ago, but that was quite a while ago at this point.

OK - by any chance did your Science reveal how to force Mt Nomad to spawn? :-/

I think that’s solidly in the hands of the RNG, which is a matter more for Religion. The spawn point isn’t missing, I know that much, but why some people run into three Nomads at once and some run into none at all is a mystery to me.

Waah. I’m not quite at the literal point of beating my head into the wall, but it’s close - days on end now of doing nothing except scouring the Avid Horizon. Everything else appears to spawn fine - I occasionally wander off and kill a Fluke or whatever - but no mountain…