Cobblestone rogues and backalley saints

I have been attempting to play the two new storylets - Law & Order and The Spirifer & the Pianist - but I find myself now locked out of all options, as my ‘cobblestone rogues and back alley saints’ quality is 3 and I need 6 to progress.

How do I raise this quality? I have tried out a few lower level storylets in the four starting areas to see if they provide this quality, but haven’t spotted one that does yet. Haven’t got an opportunity card either. I am 130 for all four qualities.

I presume there must BE a way of raising this, even with maxed out stats, as in the announcements Chris said:

[quote=]More advanced players can experience these stories by trading gossip with the Local Gossip at their lodgings and then looking for new gold storylets in the starter areas.

Can anyone help?

Just as he said - pay Incendiary Gossip to the Local Gossip at your Lodgings to raise the quality. Simple, if expensive!

Oh, I see - Chris said using the gossip would start things off, so I didn’t think to go back there. Seems obvious in hindsight. Thanks! :)

I had the same issue. nods I think we’re to used to either being provided a “currency” and then not being able to refill it. Or to having to spend a great deal of time on the refill efforts.

A Lady reading

Yeah, I just figured it out today myself.

“Celebrate Fungus in Verse: Field work!” option within the “Literary Ambitions” will raise the “Cobblestone Rogues and Backalley Saints”. So will the “Celebrate Fungus in Verse: an honest effort” ending for the “Literary Ambitions”.

Maybe not quite as quickly as just paying the Gossip, but it certainly less expensive.

It occurs to me that this storyline is training for the Falling Cities/Eyes of Icarus/Fingerwork/Gates of the Garden stories- poking around the Wikis reveals that they’re raised by many of the low-level storylets in the starting areas.

For those that aren’t too high up in stats yet (especially in Shadowy), I dropped my stats with a Ridiculous Hat and found that Cat-Catching is raising the “Cobblestone Rogues and Backalley Saints” pretty quickly. :D

The Local Gossip at my Lodgings doesn’t have an option to trade him Incendiary Gossip. Is there something I’m missing? Do I go to the “Myself” tab and use use the Gossip?

Have you completed the four stories concerning people you know from the Surface and achieved the quality Free Of Surface Ties? It’s a prerequisite for unlocking this option with the Gossip.

Ah, I guess not. I’ll have to start looking around for those. Are they begun in certain areas?

From what I recall, they unfold through cards, once your stats are at least (according to a wiki reference) 12, and I don’t recall that where you draw them matters - but anyone who knows better, correct me if I’m wrong.