Closest to

I think I once had an opportunity card where I could chose who I was closest to. I chose Bohemians, but ended up severing those ties. Now I want to feel nice and warm and close to a whole group of people again, but how does that work? Should I wait for a card to come around? Do I still have the option to have a closest to? Is there a way I can speed it up?

The same connection cards you used to sever ties can be used to ally yourself with a faction - for a cost, and some are more expensive than others. You can use the letter-writing storylet in your lodgings to draw your preferred card - though, again, not for free.


Not all Factions came be made Closest To, though. You can’t ally yourself with the Widow, the Masters, the Rubbery Men, Benthic, or Sommerset, for example. Nor can you choose Closest To: Criminals on their card unless you sided with the Cheery Man. (The Constables are not as picky, however.)
edited by Mordaine Barimen on 8/11/2014