Clearing one's hand: where do I lose my cards?

After I discovered the Mirror Marches I became rather blasé about letting my nightmares reach dangerously high levels, depending on circumstances; it’s much less trouble getting them down in the jungle than in London. I am very close to reaching the threshold at the moment, and I suddenly realised that I have a mood card that I might lose. I am now appropriately panicked about my terrifying nightmares, because I really want to keep that mood for Neathmas.

Can someone elucidate the current situation with card decks following the various changes of the recent months? Where can I go without losing my cards, and where do I go if I want to get rid of undiscardable cards?

There doesn’t seem to be a way to lose cards from your London hand anymore. If you go to Zee or on a Heist you will still have your cards when you get back, and I’m fairly certain the same applies with menace areas. This also means there’s no way to get rid of Eyeless Skull cards short of playing them or losing all your skulls.

Can confirm cards stay even after menace areas.

Everywhere, which is the intent (as a quality of life improvement)

nowhere, which is also the intent (to make punishments actually punishing).
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Thank you, friends; my mind is at ease now, and my character’s will soon be as well, once I take the plunge (I already have a red-bordered card lined up, and poor Waltham’s only a CP away from madness). I appreciate all three replies—perhaps the first a little more for the relief it brought me—but I’m marking Mr Avalon’s for being more succinctly informative. That’s how they do it, right? Until two weeks ago I was wondering why some posts were white!

I, personally, still am wondering why they chose white of all colors, expecially with how illegible they make the posts…

It looks like a really light minty green to me. Originally the whole forum was white, so I think it was more subtle and less eye-searing back then. At the very least the text in the accepted answers wouldn’t be so difficult to read.

It is slightly green.

background-color: rgb(235, 255, 233)

Addendum: The Duke of Waltham wakes up with a start in front of his bedroom mirror, much refreshed from his sleep on the… floor? How strange—he feels lighter, almost floating, and yet he could have just returned from a week-long expedition in the Forgotten Quarter for all he knew. He looks around. The candles have been blown out, but everything is otherwise in order; moonish light streams in through a window, otherwordly in comparison to the bright dreams he is struggling to keep in his head, yet reassuringly familiar at the same time. He goes to the parlour, and his large, mysticophagous plant greets him with a barely perceptible rustle. In its shadow, a set of playing cards lie expectantly on the coffee table. They are exactly as he had left them, and indeed, he can remember with perfect clarity his last moves in the game. He might as well sit down and continue right now. For some reason, he feels this is exactly what he must do.

I’d never had known had it not been pointed out to me; I need to tilt my laptop’s screen back to notice it. Any chance someone might change this colour to a very dark green, perhaps?

(Edit for minor correction. I dislike phrasal verbs, though it’s nothing like the hellish passion that fuelled my hatred of them once.)
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There are numerous problems with how the Forums work (most notably, a decent search function). But it is not FBG’s system, and from what I understand there’s nothing they can do about it other than replacing it with a new Forums system (which I’m sure is listed somewhere on a very long list of things they’d like to do).

For now, you can use the info in this thread to change the colours yourself (white-listed by FBG here)