Clearing my hand?

I have an unwanted Eyeless Skull that has already given me two of its cards. I was wondering if the pickpocket’s promenade would get rid of them. I can’t recall other stories that clear your hand, what else is there?


It will indeed clear your hand. If your Shadowy is higher you could go on a Heist in the Flit, if you’re a POSI you can use the Polite Invitation, and if you have your own ship (or enough resources to buy a ticket to Polythreme) you can clear your hand by leaving London. There’s probably others I’m forgetting.

Cave of the Nadir works too, for that matter.

I should have indicated I’m far from POSI and even Nadir. The Heist sounds good, I didn’t see that it does that when I passed by it.

Of course going to a menace area will also clear your hand. If you have the Fate Shroom Racing does as well.

To my knowledge, and this comes to me via Spacemarine9, any zone with its own opp deck will clear your main London deck. The suggestions above are all accurate, also as far as I know.


I believe that’s right. When I was collecting Eyeless Skulls I would head out to Zee when I got too many of the skull cards in my hand.

Thanks for all the info. If I don’t sell the Skull, I will pickpocket until I can do heists (I’m close to that I think). Unfortunately pickpocketing doesn’t seem profitable…

If you don’t have many wounds or nightmares you can take a very brief trip to a menace zone with the mirrors in the carnival, which isn’t profitable at all but might take fewer actions and save some cards compared to the promenade.

These now set your menace to 8, so it’s not a trivial solution.

Oh my, nevermind then! How recently has that been the case?

Weeks, likely not months.