Clay Men

Clay men give +350(ish) engine power. Does this affect fuel efficiency, and if so, why?

(reasoning: It appears to, but I can’t be sure - at work - and it just seemed counter-intuitive, since they don’t eat fuel, presumably)

I would assume it has the same effect on fuel efficiency as upgrading your engines does.

Aka the faster you go the more drag the zee exerts on you so you use proportionally more fuel.
edited by WormApotheote on 2/11/2015

I haven’t tested this, but I think it does. Lore-wise, well, their role is stokers - they’re putting more fuel into the furnace, getting a bit more oomph out of them - not in one big surge, like going to full power, but in the regular, sustained manner that Clay Men are so good at.

Both points are entirely fair. I had presumed they were magically making it go faster, which is of course nonsense. The engine upgrade has to come from somewhere, after all.

Thank you!