Classified Ad: Antiquarian Seeking Correspondants

New Arrival, recently repaired to London. Divorced from former acquaintances, seeks wide circle of correspondants for riveting conversation, dangerous pursuits and otherwise good company.
Ms Foxgrove is also seeking persons interested in sponsoring research into the First Four Cities.

Dear Ms.Foxgrave, it would be my delight to lead you around the Fifth city and what I have explored of the Four Fallen Cities so far.


Honey-addict, Midnighter.
edited by Honeyaddict on 1/11/2018

Welcome to London, Ms. Foxgrove, please enjoy your stay~

Also, watch your possessions, and don’t accompany strangers anywhere alone. Thieves here will steal anything, even the memories right out of your skull.
edited by Addis Rook on 1/12/2018

While I am Doctor as of now, I was once a Scholar of the Correspondence and indeed a Correspondent. I am unsure if you wish a fomer one but I have applied, primarily due to the fact that I am very keen on sponsoring expeditions to the Fallen Cities, the First and the Fourth being the ones I wish the most.

Reinol von Lorica, the Sentimental Writer

P.S. Don’t bite off more than you can chew.

Just remember, always knock before opening a sarcophagus.
Dirae Erinyes, Correspondent