Clarification needed for Wandering Gondolier vs Hell-Scarred Gondolier

This is my understanding of the situation:

Jericho Locks Canal - Sere Palace:

[Choice to send him into uncharted waters, or let him join Railway board]
First choice: Wandering Gondolier leaves you, comes back later as Hell-Scarred Gondolier.
Second choice: Wandering Gondolier joins you on Railway board.

[Anytime after this, at Jericho Locks]
If first choice picked, you can change Hell-Scarred Gondolier into Wandering Gondolier.

[Marigold Station, after advancing further with Railway]
If second choice picked, you can change Wandering Gondolier to Hell-Scarred Gondolier.

You can change between Hell-Scarred and Wandering anytime, and any number of times. With the only caveat that to change Wandering to Hell-Scarred, you need to further advance your Railway until Marigold station, where the option becomes available.

That is my understanding as well. I never bothered to have him on the board, so I don’t know if that gets rid of the card.

I have swapped between the two several times, there are no restrictions on repeating the process.

The hell-scarred card is removed from your deck when you invite him to the board. There’s actually a middle state where the card is out of your deck but he’s not on the board yet. Kicking him from the board puts him in the deck again.

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